The Almanaq is a highly curated program that acts as the ultimate insider guide to the neighborhood. We partner with local rental properties to give travelers fun and tangible ways to connect with locals, dive deep into the culture, and give back to the community you're visiting. Most of all, it’s a unique experience you'll never forget.

The program is comprised of 3 elements: Shoppable Products inside homes, Travel Immersions, and Local Perks. Learn more about each below. 


We search high and low to find the best locally and ethically made goods for you to discover and enjoy right inside your rental home during your stay. The best part is you can take a piece of your trip home with you by purchasing these special souvenirs online. Many products are handmade locally and all are ethically sourced in the USA. So you can support the local community and the planet with every purchase.


We spend time cultivating a deep understanding of the local culture and community so that we can curate the best, most unique travel experiences for you. These can range from surf lessons and dye workshops to CBD healing, plant medicine hikes, and tarot readings inside magical geodesic domes. We're committed to uncovering the most memorable experiences so you can take on a new adventure, learn a new skill, or just open your mind and connect with a new culture.


Because we know your time is precious when traveling, we did all the work for you and teamed up with locals to create a guide to the coolest places to visit. We then took it a step further and partnered with our favorite local businesses to offer exclusive discounts and perks for our guests only. Think of us as your key to the city.