Topanga Scented Candles (more scents)

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A special collection of natural candles and incense, inspired by experiences in Topanga Canyon, California.

Candles are entirely made by hand in our local Topanga studio, using natural ingredients like non-GMO soy wax, natural essential oils, cotton wicks, and our own vintage stoneware containers. Our cardboard packaging is recycled material, and all of our labels are printed locally on vintage letterpress machines.

4 Scents currently available:

Fernwood Pacific - 8 oz.

Earthy, mossy, woody, fresh. A very "cologne-like" scent. This candle creates a striking sweet yet bold fragrance both lit and unlit. I think it's masculine, but it has many female fans.

essential oils:
vetiver (top note)
scotch pine

Camp Wildwood - 4 oz.

Smoky, woody. This formula was a tough one - 2 years of experimentation to get the just the right campfire fragrance (without being too smoky).

essential oils:
Birch Tar (top note)

Mesa Rain - 8 oz.

Energetic, sharp, fresh. Mesa Rain evokes the fragrance of the air after a rainstorm, up beyond the shaded canyon, to the rocky mesa. A very masculine formula (or so I'm told) - the sharp scent is the polar opposite from a floral. It has also been likened to a "cathedral" fragrance (due to the frankincense). It just seems modern to me.

essential oils:
frankincense (top note)
atlas cedar

Elysium Field - 8 oz.

Sweet, floral, complex. Although this is a floral candle, it gives off more of a warm, woody vibe. It's totally unique and unexpected - one of my signature fragrances.

essential oils:
jasmine (top note)
black pepper
atlas cedar