Foraging Walk + Leaf Impression Plate with Kirsty Iredale

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Foraging Walk + Leaf Impression Plate Workshop:

The foraging walk takes participants along trails around the studio to search for a variety of shapes and textures to impress into their work. Kirsty will share her vast knowledge of the local flora and fauna. Depending upon the season, a large assortment of native plants can be identified and selected for endless design possibilities. 

$125 per participant (2 or more)

Approximately 2.5 hours.  

Workshops can be arranged by appointment on Wednesday or Friday afternoons/evenings, and occasionally by request at other times, when available.

Each option includes all materials and kiln firings. The participant will select from a few glazes, to be applied by the studio after the first firing. 

Typically, finished pieces will be ready to return to the participants in about 2 weeks.

About Kirsty

Located in the Santa Monica mountains, surrounded by local fauna and flora, Kirsty's studio is a peaceful refuge in which to learn and to create; home to classes, unique workshops and her own developing collection.

Growing up in an artistic environment, and while studying sciences, Kirsty found an ideal blend of her interests in the world of pottery, with its infinite spectrum of directions to explore. She takes pleasure in sharing her studio's natural environment. Venturing along trails, her students might be found foraging for native species to inspire and embellish clay projects.

Within the studio, assorted collections of odds and ends provide shapes and tools to enhance individual creations, encouraged by Kirsty’s guidance.

* PLEASE EMAIL HELLO@THEALMANAQ.COM TO CHECK AVAILABILITY BEFORE PURCHASING. Due to Covid-19, some Immersions may currently be unavailable. 

* Cancellations: Must send an email cancellation to at least 72 hours in advance for a full refund.  If an immersion host needs to cancel for any reason, you will receive a full refund.